Pre-owned centrepin reels

If you would like more information or wish to purchase a pre-owned reel, please contact me by telephone. For out of hours enquiries please send me a message using the contact form.

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Scotton Long Trotter Batting Reel

This is the first reel I have made as a true batting reel made without handles. This reel comes with two spools, one with standard line lays and the second spool is fitted with stepped-up (SU) line lays for batting back in stronger currents.

£ 1300 // 1 available


Spitfire No 12

This is a total one-off Chris Lythe reel, it’s been made for right hand wind with a BP line guard fitted to the top for line coming off top of the spool.

£ 1125 // 1 available


Eclipse No 14

For sale a pre-owned Eclipse No 14 centrepin reel which is unused and in mint condition, showing some slight signs of storage and handling. The reel has had a full service and will make a very good investment.

£ 1000 // SOLD OUT


Mace Special No 9

This reel is an early model of the Mace Special No 9 and is in used but very clean condition, I’ve given the reel a full clean and service so it’s ready to use.

£ 800 // SOLD OUT


D K Barbel Reels

This pair of D K Barbel reels are custom build centrepin reels based upon the Barbel Master pattern. The reels are used but great condition, I’ve given them a full clean and service so they ready to go.

£ 2500 // SOLD OUT


The D K Trotter No4

The D K Trotter No4 is a custom build centrepin based upon the Scotton Long Trotter pattern. The reel is used but brilliant condition, I’ve given the reel and spare spool a full clean and service so they ready to go.

£ 1500 // SOLD OUT


Match Aerial No2 (built 1994)

Here we have an early Chris Lythe Match Aerial style centrepin made in 1994 as part fo a very small batch. Reel Number 2 made for Andrew Wood and in exceptional condition having very light use. The reel will be fully serviced and supplied with an embroidered draw-cord pouch and dropper bottle of Chris Lythe reel oil.

£ 750 // SOLD OUT


Paul Witcher 1920 Aerial No 35

Here we have a Paul Witcher 1920 Aerial No 35, the Witcher Aerial was inspired by the Allcock Aerial c:1920, which Paul considered one of the finest reels ever made.

£ 2100 // SOLD OUT


AJP Deluxe (Bird Cage Edition)

I am selling this set of 3 matching reels on behalf of my good friend Alden (AJP). The reels are totally unique having an internal brass caged line guard built into the backing plate so the guard is level with the front batting rim. The reels have never been used and are in as new condition, they are not available to purchase individually.

£ 4500 // SOLD OUT


Float Master SU / 1915 Avon Special Edition

A very special first edition No 1 taken from Chris Lythe’s own private collection. The reel is a Float master SU / 1915 Avon combination reel and comes with two different spools, a Float Master and 1915 Avon spool, both spools are bedded in to run perfectly on the same back plate.

£ 1795 // SOLD OUT


Ordering your centrepin reel…

As of February 2021, my order books are full and therefore closed for a short period of time. Once current orders are full-filled, I look forward to taking orders again, hopefully in Autumn 2021.

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