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My reels have found homes with passionate anglers across the globe, from Australia, Mexico and Switzerland to the Netherlands, Germany and of course the UK. Below are a selection of testimonials and kind words from clients who enjoy fishing with my reels.

“used to catch many species of fish”

Dear Chris, I have owned my Float Master for a number of years and have used it ever since the postman knocked on my door with a well wrapped parcel containing the reel. In fact I took it out the very afternoon it was delivered to a local commercial water, where it has seen a great deal of service, used to catch many different species of fish.

But it really came into its own when fishing for Perch on the River Lee, matched to a split cane rod it was the ideal reel and came into it’s own once the float shot under or the tip went round. Split cane lends itself to Perch fishing and the addition of your wonderful reel with the superb ratchet has helped catch many lovely Perch to 4lbs 11ozs!

Thanks again, Bob Hornegold

“you have one very happy customer”

I have just got home from shopping to find a parcel waiting for me, I allowed Julie the pleasure of opening it.

I must admit that although I already have and use two of your reels, the quality of this new one and the actual look of it with red handles, far exceeds my expectations. It is superb. I am so pleased that I stuck with the red handles as they make this reel look so different from any others.

All I need now is for these Covid-19 restrictions to be lifted and for June to hurry up and get here! It seems criminal to put line on and use such a special reel, but I promise that it will get used… most certainly by Julie!

Thank you for producing a stunning looking reel, you are not just a very decent bloke, you are a special and very talented craftsman.

Regards and tight lines, Nigel & Julie.

“absolutely worth the wait”

This afternoon the reel has arrived in perfect condition! As excited as a small child, I hurried home after work to open the parcel. And, I was speechless when I saw what was inside! You truly did a fantastic job manufacturing this reel. It is almost unbelievable how beautiful all the parts are manufactured and how accurately all the components fit together. The new material you’ve used for producing the handles looks and feels very nice. It looks as colorful and warm as the initially intended rosewood handles, but much more sustainable. And altogether it matches very well with the black anodized finish. Superb!

Your advice to choose a “ratchet” over a “level check” looks at first sight as the right choice! The place of the ratchet is much more functional than the place of the level check. With my current reel from Youngs, that lever check can on occasion ‘flip’ open unnoticed and sometimes much too easily. And then the reel spins off the line with all the nasty consequences. So, thank you for that! The spare spool is something I am also extremely happy with. It makes it a lot easier to change lines in different swims.

Well, I could go on for hours. Overall I wish to thank you for this fantastic reel. It was absolutely worth the wait. Good luck with everything. I’ll report back to you about the first carp and barbel being caught with the reel.

Kindest regards, Ewout Smeerdijk.

“this reel is nothing short of stunning”

Thank you for making my dreams come true by making my 1915 Avon Aerial centre pin. You have exceeded my wildest dreams, this reel is nothing short of stunning.

I have looked at many pins over last few years including the Paul Wicher aerial and none come even close yours. I have also been to many antique fairs looking for the 1915 Allcock Aerial’s, then in Davis Tackle whilst chatting to visiting angler I was told about you and the quality of your workmanship, in his words ‘stunning’. So the path was set.

Chris, you are a very talented pin maker second to none.

“I gazed in awe, they are simply exquisite”

Dear Chris, I have just received my 1915 reel with the Barbel master spare spool and felt compelled to pen this immediately. I am lucky enough to own a number of centre pins both old and new and my expectations were pretty set until I opened the box and examined the reels. I gazed in awe, they are simply exquisite, the workmanship is faultless. The anodising flawless and every component is shiny new and fits perfectly. I waited a long time to get my hands on these reels and can honestly say I have never been so excited and thrilled by any other purchase I have made. My expectations have been completely surpassed. Not only that but it spins effortlessly, straight out of the box. Thank you.

Many thanks, David (Hartington) Preece

“the work of a true craftsman”

For many years I did not use my Chris Lythe Barbel Master centrepin, I thought it was simply just too beautiful to risk being marked or scratched. It sat in a display cabinet, surrounded by other angling memorabilia until I eventually came to my senses and reasoned that the reel had been made to be used, and I should do just that. Today it is my reel of choice, the one that I choose for stalking carp, ledgering for barbel and float fishing for tench. It’s a joy to fish with – the work of a true craftsman and something I will treasure forever.

In 2018 I became the proud owner of a Scotton Long Trotter, a delightfully light and equally beautiful trotting reel – I’m now spoilt for choice – thank you Chris.

Andy Roberts

Ordering your centrepin reel…

As of February 2021, my order books are full and therefore closed for a short period of time. Once current orders are full-filled, I look forward to taking orders again, hopefully in Autumn 2021.

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