The Scotton Long Trotter centrepin reel

This reel has been designed on the same lines as the original Scotton Trotter, with long range float work in mind.

The spool has a multi-ventilated 12 spoke construction with the line lays set high in the plates for a very fast line retrieve. The reel can be supplied in two variations, with handles set on the line lays or alternatively as a batting reel without handles, in this form the reel has only 12 large holes to give added weight to the rim. The Scotton Long Trotter reel is finished in either pewter grey or satin black.


The Scotton Long Trotter centre pin is built to the following specifications and variations:

REEL SIZE: 4″ & 4 1/4″ & 4 1/2″ diameter
RATCHET: Button check
HAND: Left hand wind (Right hand by request)

All reels are supplied with a heavy cotton embroidered draw cord pouch and dropper bottle of Chris Lythe reel oil.


The Scotton Long Trotter centre pin is not a limited edition reel and is still in production by Chris Lythe Centre Pins.

£ 895 // SOLD OUT


As of February 2021, my order books are full and therefore closed for a short period of time. Once current orders are full-filled, I look forward to taking orders again, hopefully in Autumn 2021.


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