Paul Witcher 1920 Aerial – No 35

The Witcher Aerial was inspired by the Allcock Aerial c:1920, which Paul considered one of the finest reels ever made. It is characterised by the brilliant, brass-spoked design, invented by Henry Coxon in the later part of the 19th Century and marketed by the Allcock company for decades thereafter.

The reel is finished in antique black lead and the fittings are bronze and brass with ebonite handles. This reel is engraved on the back plate with the Witcher logo. The reel condition is exceptional and looks as if it has never been used. Comes complete with the original Witcher leather reel case and Certificate of Originality.


This Witcher Aerial centrepin reel is built to the following specifications:

REEL SIZES: 4″ diameter
SPOOL WIDTH: 1 1/16″
RATCHET: Caliper check
HAND: Left & right hand wind

The reel is supplied with the original Witcher leather reel case and dropper bottle of Chris Lythe reel oil.


This Witcher Aerial 1920 style centrepin are is no longer in production by Paul Witcher Reels. Price includes postage.

£ 2100 // SOLD OUT

If you would like to register your interest for this very special, rare reel, please get in touch with Chris.


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