Match Aerial Centrepin Reel No2  (built 1994)

This reel was one of the first I ever made, it’s No2 of a very small run of Match Aerial type centrepin reels. The reel is 4 1/2″ by 3/4″ wide and left hand wind. It has a six spoke construction and fitted with my turn button cam check which I made in the early days along with a 1/2 BP line guard.

The reel is finished in semi gloss black anodise and the fittings are nickel silver plated, finished with real back ebonite handles. This reel is also one of the first to be engraved on the back plate. The reels condition is exceptional for its age of 26 years, it looks as if it has hardly been used. The photos show it’s condition before fully cleaned and serviced.

Match Aerial centrepin reel
Chris Lythe Match Aerial centrepin


This Match Aerial centrepin reel was built to the following specifications:

REEL SIZES: 4 1/2″ diameter
RATCHET: Turn button cam check
HAND: Left hand wind

The reel is supplied with a heavy cotton embroidered draw-cord pouch and dropper bottle of Chris Lythe reel oil.


This Match Aerial style centrepin are is no longer in production by Chris Lythe Centre Pins.

£ 750 // SOLD OUT

If you would like to register your interest for this very special, rare reel, please get in touch with Chris.


Match Aerial style centrepin
Match Aerial by Chris Lythe

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