The Float Master SU / 1915 Avon Special Edition

This is a very special centrepin, a first edition No 1 taken from Chris Lythe’s own private collection. The reel is a Float master SU / 1915 Avon combination reel and comes with two different spools, a Float Master and 1915 Avon spool, both spools are bedded in to run perfectly on the same back plate.

A Special edition centrepin, having all screws hand-made by Chris from solid Nickel Silver and the reel foot and check button are made from Bronze. The reel is beautifully finished with mottled Ivory handles.

Float Master stepped-up centrepin

Versatile and designed to handle most fishing situations, the Float Master SU is fitted with over sized line lays to handle stronger lines for those larger fish. The spool is constructed with 12 spokes and ventilated front rim with 12 large holes.

1915 Avon centrepin spool

The spool is constructed with 12 spokes and ventilated front rim with 8 large holes.


The Float Master SU / 1915 Avon centrepin is built to the following specifications and variations:

REEL SIZE: 4″ diameter
RATCHET: Button check
HAND: Left hand wind

Supplied with two leather pouches, full provenance certificate and dropper bottle of Chris Lythe reel oil.


The Float Master SU / 1951 Avon combination centre pin is a special edition reel taken from my own personal collection.

£ 1795 // SOLD OUT

If you would like to register your interest for this special edition reel please get in touch with Chris.


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